SumoStance by Little Giant Ladder

The Little Giant SumoStance™ 28-foot fiberglass extension ladder is the safest, most versatile extension ladder in the world. The Sumo Stance is equipped with two adjustable outriggers that more than triple its base width for unmatched stability. The patent-pending SumoStance outriggers also feature an innovative leveling mechanism with a full 9 inches of vertical adjustment on each side for use on sloping or uneven surfaces. You can find this combination of stability and versatility only with the SumoStance system. The unsafe methods of digging holes or placing props underneath a typical extension ladder are now obsolete. The SumoStance outriggers are completely integrated into the ladder, allowing a smooth, easy and safe adjustment. And in true Little Giant form, they completely retract into a handy, sleek carrying and storage position.

  • Quick, easy leveling and stabilizing mechanism
  • Super-strong, swiveling feet conform to any surface
  • Folding outriggers double your ladder's base width


 SumoStance - World's Only Wide Stance Extension Ladder
• Built-in Leveler
• Built-in Safe Angle Indicator
• Fully Adjustable Wide-Stance Outriggers
• Over 500% Increased Side-Tip Stability
• World's Safest Extension Ladder
• Engineered to Save Lives
• Made in the U.S.A.

What is the Sumo Stance ladder? 
The SumoStance by Little Giant is the world’s only wide stance Fiberglass extension ladder with height adjustable outriggers, which triple the ladder’s base width and increase side tip stability by over 500 percent. 
Why is the SumoStance special? 
The SumoStance is engineered to save lives. The vast majority of ladder accidents happen because 
someone uses the wrong ladder for the job in the wrong way, usually from over reaching. The SumoStance’s intuitive safety 
features help ensure a safe, stable set up for any job on almost any surface. 
Who should purchase a Sumo Stance ladder? 
Homeowners, trade professionals, contractors, electricians, and anyone who needs to use a fiberglas extension ladder 
safely.  The SumoStance uses LiteWave technology which reduces the ladder weight up to 15% over ordinary extension ladders. 
What are adjustable outriggers? 
SumoStance outriggers extend the base width of the Sumo Stance extension ladder by more than 18 
inches on each side, resulting in a base that is three times wider than ordinary extension ladders.  The outriggers retract easy to make a compact storage and stowing profile.
How much weight does the SumoStance hold? 

The SumoStance is rated extra heavy duty (Type IA – 300 lbs). And now in the industrial duty rated ladder (Type IAA – 375 lbs). 
What models are available and what is the difference between them? 
The Sumo Stance is available in high strength, non-conductive fiberglass composite in 16, 24, 28, and 32 foot 
models. The SumoStance is available with the Cable Hooks and V-Rungs or without.
What other features or accessories come with the new SumoStance ladder? 
The SumoStance is equipped with heavy duty combination rubber / ice spike feet for all kinds of terrain. 
The SumoStance also offers a side to side level bubble and front to back angle indicator, helping to 
ensure a safe ladder setup every time. 

Where can I purchase a SumoStance extension ladder? 
Sumo Stance extension ladders is available for purchase here. For more information, visit or call 888-LADDERS.
Who should I contact if I have additional questions? 
Please call customer service at 888-523-3377, or visit for more information. 

  The SumoStance is the safest extension ladder in the world.

The SumoStance is the safest extension ladder in the world.

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